This Week in Halftime: Who knew Adams Morgan was so much fun

This week on the Voice‘s leisure and sports extravaganza known as Halftime, Erika Bullock found a paradise in this year’s Adams Morgan Day and spoke to the festival’s eccentric vendors and food stalls:

If Adams Morgan–or “AdMo” like the cool kids (read: me) call it–was a member of the DC family, it would be that crazy, hipster cousin who listens to bands with names like “The Ambiguous Lampshades” and tells you about the coolest hole-in-the-wall restaurants where you can find some of the best Jamaican jerk chicken DC has to offer. Adams Morgan would be cool with wearing mismatched socks with locally-produced leather sandals, and people would admire his personal flare and style as he sauntered, organic cotton satchel thrown casually over his shoulder, down the crowded city block.

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Vox Pupuli: Corgis showering some love

Student Health Service held a puppy playtime session on Copley Lawn Thursday afternoon, as part of its Thrive 2014 events. Vox spotted these two energetic and fluffy Corgis, Banner, born on the Fourth of July, and Busy, because “she’s always busy,” getting the attention of exhausted undergraduates filing out of Lau and the ICC after a long’s day’s worth of classes.

Read more about Thrive 2014 in this week’s online News section of the Voice.

Photo: Georgetown Voice/Kenneth Lee


Just the Tip: Use protection, son

Dear Connor,


Dad Daddy

Dear Dad Daddy,

No. Assuming that you’re a Georgetown student, you shouldn’t try to become a father this early in your life. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you should do it. Let me tell you a little personal story that may get this message through to you.

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University confirms bacterial meningitis as cause of undergraduate’s death

Todd Olson, vice president for student affairs, and James Welsh, assistant vice president for student health services, confirmed in a campus-wide email that Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17) was killed by a strain of bacterial meningitis. While vaccines typically do not protect against this particular strain, this strain is not very contagious and no new cases have been reported.

Olson and Welsh explained that Jaime’s case of meningitis was caused by meningococcal bacteria, specifically, a strain in serogroup B.

Meningococcal bacteria are less contagious than the flu or common cold and require direct exchange of respiratory or throat secretions or being in close proximity to an infected person for a long period of time to be transmitted from one person to another, according to Olson’s and Welsh’s email. The bacteria cannot be transmitted by touching a surface like a desk or a doorknob.

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This Week in the Voice: The student startups of Georgetown

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.33.20 PMStartups are all the rage these days, and Dayana Morales Gomez explores the landscape for the current crop of new student businesses at Georgetown in this week’s feature:

Though the startup boom at Georgetown seems to have gained traction lately, students who started their business only a few years ago reaped huge benefits from the mentorship at Startup Hoyas. This was the case for Rahul Desai (MSB ‘17), whose startup is in the market of reviewing the potential success of other startups—colloquially called a meta startup. Startup Hoyas provided him with unprecedented attention from faculty, local business leaders, and even the entrepreneurs-in-residence.

News covered the prayer service held in Dahlgren Quad for Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17), who died from apparent meningitis on Tuesday.

Leisure reviewed Samgram Majumdar‘s exhibit at the Spagnuolo Gallery and the big cast in This Is Where I Leave You.

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Capital Bikeshare announces expansion after biggest summer yet

After a record-breaking summer with over 1,000,000 bike rides since June 1, Capital Bikeshare will be expanding their presence in the D.C. area. The company’s expansion comes in the face of numerous setbacks and problems with vendors.

In a blog post last Tuesday, the District Department of Transportation announced that they have ten new stations to set up in and around D.C. before the end of the year, and that they are considering twelve locations for this new infrastructure.

This past summer, Capital Bikeshare sold more than 320 thousand rides in the month of June alone, the highest amount since the service began operation in 2010. Capital Bikeshare put in an order for 40 new bike stations and four hundred new bikes in February. However, orders for more stations and bikes were put on hold in January when Montreal-based company Public Bike System Co., which manufactures the stations and bikes used by Capital Bikeshare, filed for bankruptcy.

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D.C. statehood hearing held yesterday with little change in sight

Yesterday at 3 p.m., Democratic Senator Thomas Carper led the first Congressional hearing for D.C. statehood in 20 years. But don’t expect Washington to take decisive action towards the state of “New Columbia” anytime soon.

The hearing was held by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on the New Columbia Admissions Act of 2013, which Carper helped introduce. This act would reduce the federal District of Columbia to a small enclave that includes the National Mall, the Capitol, the Supreme Court, and White House. The remainder of the city would then become the 51st state.

With approximately 646,000 residents—more than Vermont or Wyoming—the rapidly-growing District has long been fighting for meaningful representation in Congress. The D.C. population’s frustration is most evident in its not-so-subtle license plate slogan.

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Vox Gets Into Treble: Put it in the hoop like slam

You’ve arrived on the Hilltop and you’re no longer the smartest kid in class. From high school senior, on top of the world (not to mention the food chain), you’re back on the bottom rung. You probably don’t even stand to inherit a country. Now that you’re feeling like this gal below in class, you should do anything to reassert yourself as hip to the cool jive.

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Georgetown Piano Bar keeps the neighborhood Piano Man alive

For anyone who is still in the mood for a melody after the closing of Mr. Smith’s piano bar on September 1, fear not—the “Piano Man” is making a return to the Georgetown neighborhood at a snazzy new venue.

The Georgetown Piano Bar is located at 3287 M Street in the basement space that previously housed the dance club Modern. The partnership for the new piano bar developed after a group of people who previously worked at Mr. Smith’s found out in July that the revered restaurant would be closing. All of the employees at the new Piano Bar came from Mr. Smith’s, including the servers, the manager, and the two esteemed piano players, Hunter Lang and Spencer Bates.

The bar is designed around a giant cherry-red piano table that can accomodate dueling pianists at two different keyboards. “This is based around the piano part of Mister Smith’s,” Georgetown Piano Bar co-owner Bill Thoet said. “Not the restaurant part of it.”

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andrea jaime

Undergraduate dies at MedStar of apparent meningitis

Update, Wednesday 4:05 pm: In a campus-wide email, Assistant Vice President for Student Health Services Jim Welsh reported that, to date, all tests have been negative for bacterial meningitis. Jaime’s meningitis was almost certainly not bacterial.

Additionally, Welsh is confident that the disease has not spread to any other students, faculty, or staff.

“This is an isolated case of meningitis,” Welsh wrote. “No additional cases have been reported. The University is closely consulting with the District of Columbia Department of Health and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. We are taking all necessary and appropriate measures to respond, with guidance from medical professionals.”

Welsh wrote that no one needs to take extra, precautionary measures, like taking antibiotics, to prevent sickness.

Original post: Andrea Jaime (NHS ’17), the student who was reported earlier today to have a case of meningitis, passed away this afternoon, according to a campus-wide email from Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson and Vice President for Mission and Ministry Kevin O’Brien, S.J.

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