Main campus exec faculty green lights diversity requirement

On Friday, April 24, the Main Campus Executive Faculty voted to approve the “Engaging Diversity/Differences” proposal which would incorporate diversity into the undergraduate core curriculum. Over 35 students gathered outside the meeting in Dahlgren Quad for a final show of support for the proposal. The vote is one of the final steps in the process of implementing a new core requirement.

Professor Ian Gale, chair of the MCEF, explained that other bodies must still approve the proposal even after Friday’s vote. “Once the MCEF has approved the proposal, it must still go to Provost [Robert] Groves, President [John] DeGioia, and the Board of Directors for final approval,” he wrote in an April 13 email to the Voice. The Board of Directors is expected to vote in June.

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GUSA exec comes out in support of GUPride’s counterprotest of Westboro Baptist Church

832138887_484754In a statement released Thursday, April 23, GUSA President Joe Luther (COL ‘16) and Vice President Connor Rohan (COL’ 16) announced their support of GUPride’s solidarity event in response to the Westboro Baptist Church’s planned protest on April 27.

“Joe and I will be participating on Monday, and we urge the rest of the student body to join in as well,” Rohan wrote in the statement.

According to GUPride President Campbell James (SFS ‘17), many different members of the Georgetown community will be present at the event, such as various student groups, Rabbi Rachel Gartner, and Fr. Raymond Kemp, who will give a closing interfaith prayer.

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Georgetown celebrates Earth, announces the second coming of compost

Georgetown’s celebration of Earth Day 2015 on Wednesday, April 22 marked an advance by students and the university in taking action to reduce waste.

In a press release dated March 23, Georgetown Dining and the Office of Sustainability announced a new composting program that will keep all kitchen waste and 25 percent of post-consumer waste from Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall and Epicurean out of landfills.

The move comes after a much-advertised composting initiative in 2012 that failed to materialize. On September 6, 2012, the Voice reported University Recycling Manager William Del Vecchio denying the truth of the statement on the Georgetown Dining website that “90 percent of all waste from Leo’s Dining Hall is composted.” Though 25 Magis Row townhouses composted their waste for a garden, “The Voice was repeatedly rebuked by contacts at Georgetown Dining when reporters asked for elaboration on composting practices, and was not given permission to enter the kitchen to observe the composting process.” 

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NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Marquette

Terra-pin the Date: Hoyas to renew rivalry with Maryland this Fall

Cease the debate. The argument over who is the best college basketball team in the D.M.V. will finally be settled on the court this November, as Georgetown and Maryland will play each other for the first time since 2008.

The scheduled matchup was one of eight announced by the Big East and Big Ten Conferences for the inaugural Gavitt Tipoff Games, which will be held annually between the two conferences and are named for Dave Gavitt, the founder of the Big East.

As part of the series, the Hoyas will visit College Park on Nov. 17, while the Terrapins will visit Verizon Center during the 2016-17 season.

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Weekly Playlist: Audible Adderall

Whether you’re pumping up for Georgetown Day, pushing through those pre-finals week finals (What is that? What. Is. That.), or just forgot to take your prescription this morning like us, this playlist, aptly named “Audible Adderall” by 8tracks, will send you to the little round orange moon.


Vox particularly recommends “I Need” and “Another Love” because frankly, I Need to stop sleeping through 10am class and Another Love can’t write this History paper, the last one did a poor job. But really, get off Buzzfeed, put on headphones and stop going to Midnight for another cup of distraction coffee.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.08.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.08.38 PM



Twuesday Tweetacular: So Bill Clinton Visited Georgetown or Something?

What?!?!? Vox had no idea that the mythical former President and possible First Husband graced us with his silver fox presence!! Just kidding, it inundated her newsfeed. Who is Bill? Let’s see what Twitter thinks.

That’s why you were here? We thought Georgetown was just your favorite spot for a 4/20 doobie!

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vox goodbye blingee

Blog Boss no more: Until we meet again, Vox

Well, my friends, it looks as though my reign as Mob Boss of the Vox Populi Family has sadly come to an end. (One does not last longer than a semester in this very dangerous and lucrative business.)

Since seizing the blogging throne last November, I have witnessed a successful coup to overthrow a medieval empire, the Healy clock tower hand heist, and the end of comme ci, comme ça coffee capitalism.

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This Week in the Voice: Stop Emailing Vox About Course Evaluations

As the semester comes to a close and the the influx of course evaluation emails delve into our inboxes, in this week’s feature, news editor Lara Fishbane explores the effects of anonymous Course Evaluations and finds out what professors actually do with them after the registrar seizes to send those endless emails.

“I WANT YOU,” reads a long-forgotten sign that still remains affixed to the wall of a Car Barn classroom. This sign, and many others like it, are the last remnants of the Office of the Registrar’s campaign in the fall semester to increase the response rate of student course evaluations.

Although these and other humorous signs, along with advertising efforts, have been successful in raising the number of students who submit course evaluations, they do not inform students of what happens after they press submit.

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(Mike Licht, Flickr Commons - http-//notionscapital.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/dc-council-passes-marijuana/)

D.C. to host Marijuana Week

Georgetown offers many study breaks during finals, but this could be a new one: a field trip to… Marijuana Week?

The investor group The ArcView Group, based out of Oakland, California, has declared the week of April 30 to be “Marijuana Week” in the District. Investors are wasting no time in taking advantage of the legalization of marijuana, which passed barely a couple of months ago.

Even though it is still illegal to sell marijuana in DC, investors are very eager to explore opportunities in the marijuana business, although they may want to wait a couple of years before giving away all their money. (But hey, marijuana is known to hinder parts of the brain, so who knows what might happen.)

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Pow Wow Pic

Native American Student Council to host 3rd Annual Pow Wow

Vox expects you to be prepared to drum, dance, and sing as the Native American Student Council (NASC) hosts its third annual Pow Wow this Saturday on Copley lawn from 12:00 to 5:30 pm.

For those of you who may not know exactly what a pow wow is, Vox spoke with NASC member Gaby Walker (COL ’17) to get more details about the event. “A pow wow is a gathering of people where dancing, singing and socializing occurs to honor the Native American culture,” Walked explained in the interview.

Walker has been to pow wows in many states throughout her life, including California, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and now in the DMV area. She recalled attending her first pow wow in Orange County where she learned how to weave baskets and was in awe of the dancers and their magnificent costumes.

She and the other members of NASC are trying to recreate this experience on Georgetown’s campus and will incorporate many traditional elements of pow wows, including dancers, Native jewelry, and food.

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