Vox Gets Into Treble: The Day We Lost The Soul

Vox is taking this weekly playlist as an opportunity to introduce you, dear readers, to a variety of hot jams you probably haven’t heard of (whips hipster scarf around neck). In no particular order, here’s a sampler of what you’ll find here: one of the most tuneful shoegaze tracks ever, a slow house track with a beautifully distorted vocal sample, a nearly-unknown cut from a psychedelic backup singer’s failed solo album, hard Chicago drill music, and a ’60s Phil Spector confection. All great things. Listen and explore.

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Georgetown only 3rd best Roman Catholic university in US

Rankings by USA Today declared Georgetown University the third “best Roman Catholic college” in the country, behind the University of Notre Dame and College of the Holy Cross, who ranked first and second, respectively. 

The rankings were ordered based USA Today’s College Factual quality ranking system—a system that ranks schools mainly on how many students default on loans, how many students graduate after six years, and how much money students earn after they leave school.

As the rankings had an element of religiosity and spirituality, campus ministry was highlighted for providing students with services, retreats, and lectures.

Other schools on the list included rivals Villanova University in sixth place and Providence College in seventh.

In case anyone was feeling shut out by the low rating on such a prestigious rank list, USA Today reminded readers “admission to Georgetown is extremely selective and requires hard work.” Go ahead—pat yourself on the back. 


Circulator buses getting USB ports, better A/C

Georgetown students are afraid of the bus. We’ll gladly take a GUTS bus and two different Metro lines to get to the 9:30 Club (which takes forever) while the G2 bus will take you straight there. Why? Well, the Metro’s less confusing, and most Hoyas probably didn’t take the bus very much during their formative years (they’re… “too urban”).

But lo! The Circulator, the easiest-to-navigate bus service in D.C. is getting a fleet of new diesel-electric vehicles equipped with USB ports and decent air conditioning. The new cruisers will be hitting the streets of the city as early as next week, the Post reports. The Circulator is only $1 and there are two routes that head eastward from Georgetown. Go forth and ride!

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Seniors convocate a second time, give GU even more money

Over 1,500 graduating students were crammed into McDonough Arena earlier today for their senior convocation.

Provost Robert Groves led the ceremony and introduced the two student speakers. Citlalli Alvarez (C ’15) and Alex O’Neill (C ’15) addressed their classes. 

Alvarez spoke of her experience as a undocumented Latina student at Georgetown. She started off by reminding seniors of Georgetown’s reputation as a global institution of higher learning and later spoke about the recent civil unrest throughout the country. She emphasized students’ role as future leaders.  Read More

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Cardinal Newman Society still hates you

Last week, the Cardinal Newman Society condemned Georgetown University yet again, this time for its selection of commencement speakers.

According to the society’s Catholic Education Daily, Georgetown’s honorary doctorate for Ban Ki-moon might as well be a slap across the face to the Catholic Church. Pope Francis attempted to dissuade him from advocating for universal reproductive rights just last year, but in September, Ki-moon came out in support of universal reproductive rights anyway.  Read More


Obama talks poverty, bipartisanship at Georgetown

President Barack Obama participated in a discussion Tuesday morning at the Catholic-Evangelical Summit on Overcoming Poverty with Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute and Robert Putnam of Harvard University. McCourt School of Public Policy professor E.J. Dionne moderated the panel in Gaston Hall.

Georgetown President John DeGioia noted in his introductory speech that Obama has worked to combat poverty through programs such as My Brother’s Keeper. The initiative provides mentors for young men living in poverty to help them reach high school and college graduation as well as obtain a job and support their families. Read More

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GUPD and Metro Police arrest Leavey Center robbery suspect

A suspect matching the description of one of the two muggers that robbed two Georgetown students at gunpoint has been arrested, according to an email sent to the Georgetown community by GUPD Chief Jay Gruber. The suspect, who was apprehended by GUPD around 5 p.m. Friday, allegedly committed the robberies Wednesday night. One student was robbed outside the MSB building and the other was robbed on 31st Street, around the corner from the Georgetown AMC theater.

According to Gruber’s email, the suspect was “found in possession of the weapon used in the campus armed robbery,” a silver revolver. He’s now en route to D.C. Jail after processing at MPD’s 2nd District Station.

Paris Life

D.C. is finally getting a Snapchat story!

Get your front-facing cameras ready, humans, and prepare to represent Georgetown well on a world stage. D.C. is finally getting to join Riyadh and London as a Snapchat Story city today! It’s going to be focused on the Arsenal of Democracy World War II Victory Capitol Flyover, which is happening around noon at the Mall. The flyover is a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in Europe, or something. Go, take noisy selfie videos, and celebrate the end of your finals by getting ten seconds of fame.

Crime report: Two armed robberies in Georgetown, one on campus

Yesterday evening, two armed robberies in the Georgetown neighborhood were reported to the Metropolitan Police Department, with one occurring on Georgetown’s campus. 

The first occurred in at the Hariri Building, home of the McDonough School of Business between 9:45 p.m. and 10:12 p.m. According to the police report from the Metropolitan Police Department, a male and female approached the victim and demanded that they hand over their cellphone and wallet. While one suspect took the phone and wallet, the other “brandished a silver handgun and directed it at the victim.” The victim cooperated and was left unharmed.  Read More

Vox rises from the dead, introduces new editors (pt. 1)

Where has Vox Populi been for the past week, you ask? Preparing for finals, sitting on the lawn, stress eating, and planning for the wars to come. Today, we rise from the dark corners of the untapped internet. The following is an introduction to James Constant, one-third of the new Vox leadership team. Look out for introductions of his fellow editors tomorrow and Friday night. Reduced posting will continue through the end of finals. Summer Vox scheduling will begin on Monday. 

jamesifJames Constant was born on a windswept isle, in a time so far gone in both space and memory that nothing but the fading whispers of the elders remains of it. He is the seventh son of a seventh son, as quick with his wits as he is with a blade to a foul Crownling’s throat. Seeing the quickness of his strong peasant hands and the impish banter with which he addressed even a noble of the House of Glwyniwys, the prince seized James and carried him, bundled on the back of a mare, to his castle nestled in the hills above Glantowynrun, the provincial capital. The prince saw that the young lad had the talents to one day become part of the Twelvers, the secret order of jester-knights that guarded the royal family. Read More