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University announces third-year on-campus housing requirement

Village A

Today, the Georgetown administration, in conjunction with GUSA executives Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15), announced in an email to the Georgetown University community that students will be required to live in University housing for three years and that interim housing accommodations, including the Leavey Hotel, will be used during the 2015-2016 academic year. The third-year housing requirement begins in the fall of 2015, meaning that the Georgetown Class of 2017, and subsequent classes, must live on campus come their junior year.

Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson, Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey, and the Director of Residential Life Stephanie Lynch explained the details of interim housing in a media interview. Interim housing involves adaptations to the Leavey Hotel, triples in some rooms in Village C and the Southwest Quad, and modifications to some Village C common rooms to make new rooms. These changes are only temporary, and the altered rooms will revert to normal after the completion of the Northeast Triangle Dorm.

Interim housing is necessary to meet the 2010 Campus Plan’s requirement to house an additional 385 students on campus by the start of the 2015-2016 academic year. Delays in the Northeast Triangle Dorm construction force the University to seek alternative space for the new beds. While the renovations on Ryan and Mulledy Halls will add 160 beds, more are needed to reach 385.

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Post Date Apr 23

Vox Gets Into Treble: Relief from a bitchin’ breakup

As the year come to a close, Vox understands that many of its readers are discovering that true love is indeed a duplicitous social construct crafted by the patriarchy.

When Vox gets burned by cupid, she finds that the best medicine is listening to the misfortunes of others though song. If you drew the short end of the straw when it comes to your love life this semester, then give this playlist a listen.

1) “Fuck you” by Lily Allen

2) “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” by P!nk

3) “Misery” by Maroon 5

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Here’s what’s happening on Georgetown Day

georgetown day

This Friday, despite the chance of rain, Georgetown’s students will partake in the age-old tradition of going outside and sitting around on Copley and Healy lawn to celebrate the last Friday of classes before study days begin. Aside from what you’d expect, there’s a lot of fun stuff planned for Georgetown Day 2014. Vox is here with a rundown of what’s going on.

Andi Debellis (MSB ’14), chair of the Georgetown Day Planning Committee, supplied Vox with the event schedule. The schedule is not likely to change much, but a few student group performance time slots may be shifted around between now and Friday.

There will be lots of food trucks out around the lawns, as well as several inflatables, including a mechanical bull, a rock wall, an obstacle course, a dunk tank, and a photo booth.

From 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., there will be a concert and keg party on the Hariri Patios and Regents lawn. The band Casey Abrams is performing at the concert and Stone Cold Fox is opening. All Georgetown students can attend the concert, but the keg party will be held in a separate area reserved for 21+ students.

Read below the jump for a full list of Georgetown Day events, including White Gravenor esplanade performances from student a cappella and dance groups.

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Nationally renowned food vendor selected for Healey Family Student Center pub

photo (2)

Yesterday afternoon, the University sent an email to the Georgetown University community announcing that a vendor for the Healey Family Student Center pub has finally been selected. After narrowing down the list of possible candidates to 12, a collaborating group of students and University administrators decided upon Bon Appétit Management Company, a vendor known for their sustainable food sourcing and quality ingredients.

Bon Appétit is an on-site restaurant company based in Palo Alto, California that offers full food-service management to corporations, museums, and specialty venues. The company operates in over 500 cafés across 32 states. It currently provides its services to numerous other universities, including Johns Hopkins, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania (which is now considered one of the most vegan-friendly campuses in America).

Striving to uphold its motto of “food service for a sustainable future,” Bon Appétit is characterized by its Farm to Fork program that commits the organization to buying locally and maintaining the highest level of culinary standards. Additionally, the company is recognized for being socially responsible in addressing food’s role in climate change and the issue of farmworkers’ rights.

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This Week in Halftime: Hockey playoffs and the war on color in fashion

Florida Panthers v New York Islanders

The start of hockey playoffs has Halftime writing about hockey. Ironically, sports writers Joe Pollicino and Sourabh Bhat wrote about the New York metro area’s two lesser teams, which did not make the playoffs this year (*coughcough GO RANGERS*), the New Jersey Devils and the New York Islanders.

Pollicino began the first of a series of nostalgic looks back at his favorite sports teams of his youth with a look at the awful 2006-2007 Islanders, who, despite their last-place performance that season, won his heart and fandom.

But while most of the Island was tuning out, I was tuning in more vigorously than ever before. Any Islanders game on television was a momentous occasion for me. With the Mets knocked out of the postseason and the Knicks destined for another cellar-dwelling season under the incompetence of Isiah Thomas, the Islanders filled my daily sports void. I would immerse myself into the games, so much so that I would startle my mom at least three times a night with my shouts of excitement or exasperation whenever the Islanders scored or allowed a goal.

And Bhat evaluated the career of Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, who has just finished his last season of professional hockey after 21 years with the Devils.

Brodeur statistically is one of the greatest goaltenders in NHL history. A quick glance through his career reveals a long list of records and championships in his 21 years with the Devils. But that’s not why he’s so special– as someone who grew up in the New York area, I was surrounded by players who were statistically significant. It’s also not just because of his extended tenure with the Devils– he lives in Jeter territory, arguably the most famous one-team player of our generation. What makes Brodeur so special is that he belonged to a community.

Read after the jump to see some of the leisure pieces in this week of Halftime.

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Comments of the Week: Hoyas napping under the sun

comments of the week design

Last week on Vox, the University decided to do more super-important master planning when nobody was around, Miley Cyrus shared some of her wisdom on movies, the student credit union began offering private student loans, and a drag ball happened.

Vox bid farewell to former Blog Editor Izzy Echarte, whose body had by now became part of Vox from her semester-long reign, and embraced with open arms a new ginger master editor. Kim Jong Il had this to say from his grave:


Vox caught the senators of the campus’ most beloved organization, GUSA, cat-napping in the sun when they were supposed to try and have a productive session under the beautiful weather. GUSA denialist loved our coverage:

Lovin’ the sass level.

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Georgetown student named Top Ten College Women grand prize winner

top 10 women

On April 9, Glamour named Georgetown University student Kendall Ciesemier (COL ’15) as the $20,000 grand prize winner of the 2014 Top 10 College Women competition for her non-profit Kids Caring 4 Kids , which has raised nearly one million dollars for schools, clinics, and housing in sub-Saharan Africa.

Glamour’s Top Ten College Women competition has recognized college students for 57 years for their achievements and contributions both on campus and in the greater community. Past winners include Martha Stewart and former Dallas mayor Laura Miller.

“This competition is designed to honor young women who go above and beyond,” Editor in Chief of Glamour Cindi Leive said.

This year’s top 10 includes an Olympian, a NASA space expert, a political activist, and an NCAA athlete.

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Twuesday Tweetacular: A tribute to curdled milk and cooked sausage


Said travelers were also heard complaining about receiving only three slices of questionable cheese squares in their Lunchables box instead of the usual four.

It is highly unlikely that any sport—including basketball—is more intriguing or exciting than the exotic Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling competition.

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Last day to submit to the 2014 Voice photo contest

photo contest

Today is the last day to submit your best photos to the Voice‘s photo contest. Submit your high-quality photos to and include your name, school, and year. Feel free to include a title or description for each photo. Black and white or color photos are acceptable. The winning photo will appear on the April 24 issue’s cover.

Photo: “Whatcha lookin’ at” by Tiffany Kaul (SFS ’13)

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Vox‘s Record Store Day picks and preview


Tomorrow, April 19, is Record Store Day, a day when filthy hipsters like Vox take advantage of sweet deals and exclusive offers to snatch up albums they already own digital copies of or will be able to find for free on the internet later. Whether you listen to entry-level, hipster bullshit or post-post-post-emo-grungecore, Record Store Day has something all music fans alternative music fans can appreciate. Here’s a preview of the special offers local record stores have, as well as some deals that Vox might consider getting.

Local deals

DCist has compiled a great list of what each local record store is doing. It kinda makes Vox realize that the whole city has like 10 record stores and most of them are within walking distance of each other. Be sure to read up on the Voice‘s record store review from last fall to get an idea of what shops you might want to check out.

Punk specialist Smash Records will open “early” on Record Store Day at 10:00 a.m. (apparently that’s early if you run a record store) and will have a set of special record store exclusives. They said they would post a list of those exclusives on Friday night, but as of Vox‘s writing this article they have yet to do so on their Facebook page or website.

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Gray launches campaign to move homeless families from shelters to housing


Yesterday, Mayor Vincent Gray began his 500 Families, 100 Days project, which, as its name suggests, hopes to move 500 of the city’s homeless families from the shelter system into affordable housing by the end of June. Although District officials have a lot of excitement for and commitment to the campaign, they have yet to provide a clear plan for its achievement and instead are relying on community involvement to help the families.

Gray’s plan is a result of this winter’s unexpected rise in the number of families left out on the streets in hypothermic conditions. According to City Paper, at one point, the 285 family shelter rooms at the former D.C. General Hospital were full, leaving D.C. to pay for 472 families to stay in motels in D.C. and Maryland.

500 Families, 100 Days was originally announced during Gray’s State of the District speech. “What’s limiting our capacity to help even more homeless families get back on their feet is our ability to identify additional apartments in which to place them,” Gray said at the time.

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Just the Tip: GAAP group stampedes and undocumented residents

“Dear Caitríona,”

“I have had it up to here with GAAP tour groups. They are so rude and never seem to feel the need to move aside for other people who want to use the sidewalk. I am close to snapping and going on a vicious rampage. Do you have any tips for coping?”


“Ready for a rampage”

Dear Ready for a Rampage,

I feel the same way. Whenever I am walking on the sidewalks by Copley Lawn and I see a tour group coming, I feel like Simba did when the herd of wildebeest started stampeding. My first instinct was to run and hide, but then I realized that I’m the one who actually goes to this school. I pay tuition to use those goddamn sidewalks and no high school senior, no matter how gifted they are, is going to take that right away from me. So now I stand my ground and even though the prospect of standing up to that herd of GAAP fills me with terror, I stay on the side walk and let them move for me. Sorry I’m not sorry. I say you do the same.

Don’t stop me now,

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