The Hottest Professor, full stop.

No Hottest Professor list would be complete without Ivo Jansen’s name right at the top. The Dutchman came to the U.S. for his MBA and, lucky for us, decided to stay.

He is tall, slim, and blonde with an angular jaw and bright blue eyes. But his hottest feature is his sense of humor. He always starts out class by asking students, by name, their best story from the past weekend. He laces his lectures with jokes and when he sees students’ eyes begin to glaze over, he immediately changes the subject away from accounting to drag the class back in before he continues with the lesson.

Proof of his excellent teaching ability? Most students raise their grade a full step from Financial Accounting, the class that Jansen teaches, to Managerial Accounting, taken the following semester. I, on the other hand, dropped from an A- to a C+ when I no longer had Ivo’s lovely smile to engage me in the world of debits and credits. Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be; I am now an English major but still look back oh so fondly on afternoons in Accounting.

Posted by Kathryn Brand, Contributing Editor

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