The “sick man” of South America

A day after calling President Bush the devil at the UN General Assembly, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called him an “alcoholic” and a “sick man” at a church in Harlem, according to the Washington Post.

He got a round of applause from a crowd that included activists, supporters and Danny Glover.

Chavez announced that Citgo, the US-based refining arm of Venezuelas’s state-run oil company, is going to more than double its sales of discounted heating oil to America’s poor this winter.

But Bush-haters shouldn’t be Chavez-lovers.

Today, the Venezuelan populist is entertaining because he antagonizes President Bush. He calls him names like “El Diablo” and “Mr. Danger.” He hosted the “Anti-Summit” of the Americas in Argentina last November to protest Bush and a hemispheric free trade zone.

But Chavez has been eroding his country’s democratic institutions since he came to power in 1998. He supports the dangerous Iranian regime and is trying to economically and politically pull the Western Hemisphere apart.

He’s not only bad for President Bush – he’s bad for the United States as a whole. He shouldn’t be invited to U.S. churches. He should just shut his trap.

Posted by Keenan Steiner, Staff Writer

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