Job Posting: Play Worker

New York City’s plans to build a new series of playgrounds with trained play workers will provide the kiddies with an innovative approach to play—one that nurtures imagination, fantasy with among other things, interactive moveable parts. Their job: show the kids how to use the pulleys, ramps, waterslides, etc. on the new playgrounds.

The idea is to give children more training in social interaction and to nurture their imaginations through these fantastic new playgrounds.

As far as you listless college-aged young adults are concerned, however, there is now a job called a play worker, and it will train and pay you to facilitate safe and stimulating playtime. So, grab your imaginary pirate hats and hop on the ship. Ship sails in May!

Posted by Lauren Gaskill

3 Comments on “Job Posting: Play Worker

  1. I haven’t quite put my finger on the reason, but something about this idea provokes a viscerally negative reaction in me. I still remember seeing “play leaders” at the Montessori schools back home, and how deadened the kids looked when they had adults directing the play experience.

  2. how are these “play workers” distributed throughout the city? we can’t even get decent parks mainenance in the south bronx, and i bet that goes for playworkers too.
    and i agee with the comment above. “playworkers”? please.

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