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Grout cleanerGraffiti artists have taken over part of the men’s restroom on Lauinger’s fourth floor. It isn’t just “[Roommate’s name] is dynamite in the sack” and a phone number, though. Instead, they pun with grout.

On the wall above the urinal a series of phrases have had words replaced with “grout,” including “Grout of Africa”, “Twist and grout”, “The Grout Gatsby”, and “Brokeback Groutain,” which doesn’t seem that clever.

The last entry violates what seems to be a rule of grout theory–it has to be funny. Alexander the Grout works, so does the Grout Depression, but Groutshington, D.C. doesn’t. Equally disappointing is the scrawled graffito “God saves.” Sure, it’s a Jesuit school, but why ruin the fun, anonymous proselytizer?

Graffiti isn’t new, and neither are puns. It’s compelling, though, to imagine the Georgetown students who not only take pens into the bathroom, but choke down urinal cake odor long enough to think of a joke and write it on the bricks.

Posted by Will Sommer

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