Political Stars: They’re just like us

They say D.C. is the Hollywood for ugly people, so if you’re sick of gazing at the pulchritude in US Weekly while you work out at Yates, try looking around the gym instead for some political heavyweights.

Adrian Fenty, for instance, has been a member of Yates for quite some time. Though his attendance has dropped off since the beginning of his mayoral campaign, he still occasionally shows up for an early morning swim, accompanied by an imposing-looking but friendly security detail. His crawl isn’t quite as smooth as his political maneuvering, unfortunately.
If the objects of your star-gazing lie along the other end of the political spectrum, then you might want to drop by the natatorium when the Hoyas have a home swim meet. Justice Samuel Alito often comes to cheer on his daughter Laura, a freshman standout butterflyer.

Keep looking–I’m sure there are more politicos sweating it out at Yates. Who knows, maybe you’ll see our own Madeline Albright bouncing along girlishly on the elliptical next to you, or perhaps spot George Tenet showing off one of his famous slam-dunks in a game of pick-up basketball.

Posted by Noreen Malone, Contributing Editor

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