I hate rats

Last night, I dreamt that I encountered a fat, human-sized rat in Village A, where I live. I don’t remember the details of the dream, but I do know that rats scare the shit out of me. Every time I pass one, I halt, cringe, scream and then warn those behind me. They then look at me like I’m crazy. Maybe I’ve got rataphobia, the real scientific term for which I am too lazy to google.

Still, after dusk, squirrel territory turns into a rat’s haven. There are 2 rat hot spots: the pathway along Copley Hall (between Red Square and Healy) and the heart of Village A. At night, I avoid these hot spots. The rats are most active in the middle of Village A. If you walk near New South, the library, or on Prospect street, you’re probably OK. However, be careful on Prospect street, as I recently spotted a fox (yes, a fox, in a major city) roaming the street at 3 am.

Dude, why can’t we just have pigeons.

Posted by Keenan Steiner, Contributing Editor

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