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The Voice hits the street once again. What’s inside?

– For years, the Medical Center has been a drain on the University’s budget. But Anna Bank sees signs of a renaissance in this week’s cover story.

– The rite of custom brings us together at a defining hour—no, it’s not the State of the Union, it’s the yearly fracas of the GUSA executive elections. Kate Mays finds out who’s in the running.

– Remember when we beat Duke last year? That was great. Remember that controversial sign that was in the crowd? The Athletic Department didn’t, either, until they put it on the season tickets, writes Katherine Brand.

– Austin Richardson careens down the Arizona highway asleep before encountering a Cactus Priest.

– Feeling particularly punchy this week, the Voice Editorial Board takes on both the Hoya and the State of the Union.

– Editor-in-Chief Chris Stanton wines and dines you in the Voice‘s new column, Goes Down Easy.

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Posted by Tim Fernholz, Managing Editor

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