$12 on Village A for the Win

Georgetown, no longer content with the traditional housing lottery, has decided to kick things up a notch this year with a real lottery. For just two dollars, students can buy a raffle ticket that gives them a chance to win some quality housing like a Henle apartment, a Village A apartment and an LXR single. Each student is limited to six tickets, so a group of five potential roommates could potentially drop $60—not an insignificant sum.

This raffle, however, is not just another petty fund raising opportunity. Rather, it makes an already screwed-up housing selection process even more unfair. Georgetown should stay as close to a simple housing lottery as possible and avoid exploiting the freshman lust for a sweet party pad. Worse, the proceeds are benefiting Interhall, a student organization. Why, then, can’t the Voice raffle off some choice housing too?

Posted by Sam Sweeney, Voices Editor

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