Cameras at Grab ‘n’ Go: Probably not going to happen

Excuse the tiresome meme, but a Leo’s employee whose name starts with an “R” and ends with an “mberto” was recently overheard arguing with a less sweater-loving cashier about security cameras in Leo’s. The latter was passionately supporting installing security cameras in the Grab ‘n’ Go nook, the better to “catch them.” The former employee, presumably realizing that pre-made sandwiches are a right, not a privilege, was less enthusiastic.

This isn’t as worrying as a keg ban or actual spooky cameras, mainly because it would only make stuffing cookies in a jacket pocket that slightly harder. It does, however, bring up a question: why are Leo’s cashiers so intense about Grab ‘n’ pilfering? The penalty when you’re caught is always just fidgeting and acting confused, but it’s a penalty they zealously impose.

Posted by Will Sommer

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