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Once again we gather to celebrate the colorful pageant of Georgetown life. Here’s what’s new:
– What kind of college student wants to be a Priest? Noreen Malone meets Hoyas who think they’ve found their vocation in this week’s cover story.
– The Voice Editorial board endorses Jake Styacich (COL ’09) and his running mate, John Dougherty (SFS ’09), for President and Vice President of the Student Association.
– Intrepid reporter Kate Mays delves into the GUSA race, discovering just how serious, ridiculous and pants-less these candidates can be.
– What’s it like to call Hoya’s B-Ball for thirty plus years? Clare Malone profiles Georgetown institution and all-around-good-guy Father William McFadden.
– Lauren Gaskill takes the Voice from trashy to classy with an insightful review of the new Jasper Johns exhibit at the National Gallery of Art.
– In the Voices section, I wrote about the importance of recently-passed Father Robert F. Drinan’s legacy. But I’m not just self-promoting. These pieces are good, too.

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— Tim Fernholz, Managing Editor

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