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Another week, another issue, a whole ‘nother set of fascinating articles for your consumption.

– Slavery was an integral part of Georgetown’s first five decades. Kathryn Brand explores Georgetown’s uncomfortable legacy.

– Ben Shaw (COL ‘08) and Matt Appenfeller (COL ‘08) take a 52 percent of the vote and win the GUSA executive elections. Kate Mays wraps up the surprisingly uncontroversial results.

– The Voice editorial board was going to pillory student ANC rep. Jenna Lowenstein for trying to expand the keg limit off campus, but then she changed her mind. Thanks for flip-flopping, Jenna!

– The Leisure section gets salacious in preparation for Valentine’s Day with Anastasia Stepanova’s pole-dancing experience and Sarah Harman’s guide to giving so you get.

– Who dey think gonna beat them Hoyas? Six games into a winning streak, David “Double D” Dietz calls in the win over Louisville.

– Mike Bruns is known for his pleasant demeanor. What’s his secret? Just take it easy, friends.

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Posted by Tim Fernholz, Managing Editor

3 Comments on “This Week’s Magazine

  1. In your Natsios article you spell “previously” wrong and you misstate his thesis. He said that mass genocide is no longer occuring but a million other human rights violations are, so the first line of your article is ENTIRELY misleading, it makes it sound like everythings over.

    Secondly, in your election article, Jake Styacich should be graduating in 2009 and Gage Raley in 2008. Gage is a transfer and has changed the year that he is graduating until 2008.

  2. and one more thing…..please be consistent with the orientation of your quotation marks before the graduation years of students that are mentioned [as in COL ’07]. some are the opening quotation marks and others are closing quotation marks.

  3. Thanks for the close read, Mr. Corrections. Consider those mistakes fixed, and we’ll do our best to avoid them in the future.

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