Now they notice …

It’s been three days since the men’s basketball team played a game, and it’ll be two more before they get a chance to avenge January’s loss to Villanova. You’re probably suffering from a mix of anxiety and withdrawal. I know I am.

But cheer up, the Hoyas’ winning streak has gotten them noticed around the country (a little late, I think most of us would say), and a range of commentators are making amends for losing faith in us after those losses to Old Dominion, Duke and Oregon.

Need proof? ESPN’s newest mock bracket has us as a #4 seed in the San Antonio bracket, meaning a possible rematch with Florida in the Sweet 16 (couldn’t that be saved for the final?). We’re a #3 seed in their power 16, where they say, “eight straight wins have [the Hoyas] looking like the team people expected in the preseason.”

Luke Winn, on Sports Illustrated’s website ranks us #9 in the country. His comment: “during their eight-game Big East winning streak the Hoyas’ offense has become a well-oiled machine.” Ken Pomeroy, a statistics guru, lists ours as one of the most efficient offenses in the country.
Remember, though, it’s February, and Georgetown’s been famous for these late-season surges. If this success carries over into March (April, perhaps?), maybe then they’ll stop doubting us.

Either way, all of this press is helping to fill in those lulls in the schedule. Two more days …

Posted by Austin Richardson, Blog Editor

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