Beer pong with Ray Danieli

Did anyone else find it a little strange that Ray Danieli, the assistant director of off-campus life, was out in Red Square last Friday handing out ping-pong balls in Red Square with the Run for Rigby people?

The set of pakaged balls, custom colored to fit with the coming St. Patrick’s Day weekend, came with a reminder to sign up for the April 14 “Rigby Ball” and April 15 “Run 4 Rigby.” The message included an encouragement to “Enjoy these pong balls.”

Clearly the balls were supported and paid for by the Run for Rigby organization. However, Danieli’s presence in Red Square was an indication that the school tacitly supports appealing to students’ love for beer pong (beirut) in order to promote safety. It’s a definite compromise of ideals since the student code of conduct very clearly states that drinking games are not okay: “Of particular concern are alcohol-related drinking games. Because they are designed to encourage the excessive consumption of alcohol, they run contrary to and undermine the University‚Äôs promotion of the responsible use of alcohol. Alcohol-related drinking games shall be deemed an aggravating factor.”

The funny thing is, Danieli’s colleague (they share a tiny office), Director of Off-Campus Life Charles VanSant is the man responsible for lecturing and punishing off-campus students who party so hard that they burn the University’s bridges with the neighbors.

Way to go guys, for encouraging binge drinking and precision on the ping-pong table!

Posted by Chris Stanton, Editor-in-Chief

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