Mail Call: guns, Joe Hoya and Asian money

What do gun nuts, Cambodia fanatics and Fritz Brogan’s enemies all have in common?

They’re Voice readers, of course.

Last week our gun editorial brought in all the expected protest letters from Second Amendment supporters across the country. Scott W., of Phoenix, Arizona wrote “Please, give us all a break and stop making idiotic comments like – ‘While it’s unclear what impact gun control has had on District crime over the years, what the sense in allowing more guns on the streets?'”

The Fritz Brogan cover story, too, provoked all manner of letters taking issue with our front-page-characterization of Brogan as “Joe Hoya” himself. One letter writer even threatened to expose some pretty steamy allegations about Brogan’s character. We’ll see if it makes it into print on Thursday.

The biggest surprise, however, came in a link in an e-mail sent to us by someone claiming the not so-self-effacing title of “Lord Playboy.” His Lordship pointed us to a discussion board of four pages of threads where all types of message board geeks spent the last week attacking Kent Elliot’s piece on Cambodia (“A $350 Problem”, March 15, 2007). These guys are really serious about everything from “dirty” backpackers to the assumed honesty of every bell boy in Cambodia. To see what these boring people spend their time doing, check this link out.
Posted by Chris Stanton, Editor-in-Chief

One Comment on “Mail Call: guns, Joe Hoya and Asian money

  1. … and yet we got over 3,000,000 hits last month

    Not too mention the increase in advertising revenue $$$

    Might have to take the SUV out and buy a toilet or two myself , while running over a few dirty backpackers dishonest waiters, et cetera

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