Another reason to be glad you don’t go to Bob Jones University

It’s spring, and that means no more frumpy sweaters. Not so fast, say upright Christian men. In a survey sponsored by evangelical youth site The Rebelution, repressed young men the world over answered the question “What do you think is immodest?”. The answer was, overwhelmingly, “Pretty much everything.” Some highlights:

  • 57.5% of survey takers disagreed with the statement “It is okay to expose the stomach when wearing a swimsuit.” It gets better when you hit the comments, though. One boy said, “Seeing a girl’s belly makes me very uncomfortable and it is just something that you don’t need to show to anyone.” Here’s something creepy: he’s 13!
  • A well-informed 60.7% thought gauchos are modest. For myself, I have no idea what gauchos are. It seems that their knowledge of women’s clothing is rivaled only by this man’s.
  • 47% thought T-shirts with messages on the front “draw too much attention to the bust.” So intense!

Link via Pandagon

Posted by Will Sommer

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