The cream of the crop

Writing this now, my throat is hoarse and my ears are ringing. If you didn’t make it to New Jersey this weekend, you missed out. Hopefully, though, you made up for it while closing down M St.

There are a ton of articles out there on last night’s game, but I’ll give you the cream of the crop: Andy Katz’s article at ESPN, Tom Knott’s at the Washington Times, and the Post’s most recent piece on Jon Wallace.

All will try and tell you why the Hoyas won, but I’ll tell you the truth right now: it was the face paint my friend Christa put on JTIV’s face (and yes, I mean 4) at the Hilton before the game. Sure, he might still be in elementary school, and he might have wiped the “III” she put on his forehead into a silver smear before he even boarded the bus, but those splotches put the spirit quotient over the top.

We Are!

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