Bar Review: The Brickskeller

You may not notice it, but you pass it every time you ride the GUTS bus to Dupont Circle. The mere existence of that free lift (and the three nearby bus routes that run past the university) make ignoring this bar pure foolishness.

The Brickskeller, located at 22nd and P St., carries a wider variety of beers than you could possibly imagine. Some are expensive, some are not. Either way, it’s a chance to experiment with new brews from a vast array of countries (from Venezuela to Sri Lanka).

The atmosphere of the bar is acceptable, though the music playing on the jukebox is really hit or miss. Seating is ample. Try the Gouden Caroulis Tripel, it’s worth your time and certainly easier than flipping through their dozen-page beer menu.

Posted by Austin Richardson, Blog Editor

2 Comments on “Bar Review: The Brickskeller

  1. Get a Leffe (Belgian). It’s light but not wimpy. It has a lot of flavor, but it won’t overwhelm your taste buds. And go with Perry Collins, cause she drinks really slowly and you can steal sips when she’s gawking at the clientele.

  2. They’ve also got the full line of Cooper’s, Australia’s finest brewmasters, available most of the time, all of which are a real delight. Cooper’s Red, or “Sparkling,” is a cloudy ale in the vein of German hefeweizens and the cream of the company’s crop. The Green pale ale is a close second, and the Yellow stout is a thick, bready delight for any Guinness enthusiast.

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