What life isn’t like at The Voice, necessarily

Two weeks ago, I wrote a column about “The Graduates,” a new blog on the New York Times‘ website. At best, I gave it a mixed review—it doesn’t tell college students anything new, it really just provides our grandparents with an insight into the malaise and tedium of graduating seniors’ daily lives.

It hasn’t improved much. However, there was an entry today by a 29 year-old super-duper senior who previously analogized himself to a schizophrenic serial killer, discussing just how busy his life is because he writes for a student paper.

Let me tell you now that you need not listen to this maladjusted manchild. One can write for a college newspaper without constantly stressing out, then going into denial, then convincing oneself that the stress gives life meaning. Writing, after all, is meant to be a creative outlet. As graduating senior who had held a variety of positions at The Voice, I can assure you that working for us is an escape, a release (except, of course, when it’s 3:30 in the morning and your section has yet to be copy edited—but that usually means you were just enjoying yourself too much during the afternoon).

Was that enough of a senseless ramble? I hope so. Write for The Voice. Here are a few funny pictures of what you could be doing for our paper:

tabling 2


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