Dining Hall Woes

Not that this is bash Aramark day, but I ventured into Donny’s (Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall, get it?) today and was confronted with cold, cooked, broccoli. For some reason, I love broccoli, but either have it cold and raw or cooked and hot. Nothing’s worse than something that is both cold and mushy. How are you finding the new dining hall?

– Tim Fernholz, Editor in Chief

2 Comments on “Dining Hall Woes

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  2. At the dining hall, the infrastructure belongs to the school. Aramark has a marked tendency not to spend money repairing it. I myself have served stone cold broccoli to many. This is actually fresh broccoli , well-prepared and nutritious, but the spot it sat on.the serving line was cold, it’s heating element having burnt out. At another school the salad bar cooling element was failing for a couple of years (estimate) and held the food no colder than about 50 degrees ( including, say chicken salad).

    This is not necessarily beneficial to the corporate bottom line. Broken switches on other cooling equipment resulted in ice being removed by employees pouring hot water then laboriously chiseling the ice away from the still functioning cold line. at a ground floor sandwich shop employees made sandwiches for ten days standing in sewage back-up. A quick fix with the “snake” resulted in a catastrophic flood six months later necessitating a 13K renovation of the store and a long closure–duing whic fulltime employees were “allowed” to p t o, and part timers were hung out to dry. execs are said to have reassured the school it was a “black swan”, ie completely unforeseeable and rare event. Meanwhile, three floors up in the dining hall, the terrible stench from floor drains disappeared.

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