Leavey Esplanade, marked for death?

Attending an Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting is like watching My Super Sweet Sixteen. You endure the dullness, the conspicuous consumption, and the tantrums for gems that last only one or two minutes. While Tuesday’s meeting didn’t yield a Jenna-Lowenstein-as-Judas-goat moment, it did reveal a surprising administration plan: Georgetown might pave over Leavey Esplanade with tennis courts.

In a presentation to the ANC about new construction, University Architect Alan Brangman assured the neighborhood their access to the tennis courts near McDonough won’t end when the athletic training facility is built over the courts. He said new courts will either be built on the MSB building’s parking lot, near Keogh field, or on top of Leavey Esplanade. He also called the Esplanade a mini-golf course, which seems like a better use for it than more tennis courts.

Linda Greenan, the university’s Assistant Vice President for External Relations, explained to the meeting that “nobody ever uses” the Esplanade.

Use fluctuates with the weather, but I don’t think it’s accurate to say nobody ever uses the Esplanade. People sunbathe and study on it in April and May, and several organizations have big meals there, including Fast-a-thon. Once the science and MSB buildings are built, more people will be around Leavey. With an increase in traffic to the Esplanade, why would the university be eager to give up our green space to casual neighborhood athletes?
-Will Sommer, blog editor

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