The hangover cure the print edition of the Voice won’t tell you about

Tim wrote a good article about hangover cures in this week’s Voice, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t find on [Ed. note: Will, I’m going to make you mail all the subscriptions this week…] I’m confused as to why he didn’t mention the best way to eliminate a hangover since I think I told him about it. In my experience, the best way to feel great the morning after is liberal application of Vitamin B-12.

My cousin tipped me off to B-12, and she lives in Madison, Wisconsin. They’re hardly teetotalers. Here is the University of Wisconsin-endorsed schedule.

Ideally, you’ll take one or two pills before you start drinking, one when you’re drunk, and another in the morning if you need it. You probably won’t, though, because B-12 is a miracle drug.

Now, B-12 won’t eliminate your hangover entirely. You’ll have the hangover you’d have if you had about 5 beers. It’ll clear up by late morning. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

When I share this secret with people, they sometimes say they’d rather drink water. I would suggest that the water scheme is unreliable and requires bathroom trips and a roommate uninterested in Brita. Why not just swallow a pill?

I’m still up for a Bloody Mary, though.

Will Sommer, blog editor

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