Good ideas are for the MSB—where’s the copy center?

Last week, I had a flier that I wanted copied in eye-pleasing pastels. To my surprise, the cheap copy center on the second floor of Lauinger had been replaced by more tables and two study rooms. I had to copy my flier manually, and no one was convinced by their white color. What happened to this convenient service?

It was eliminated because it was losing money, said Lauinger’s Director of Finance and Operations Phyllis Barrow in an e-mail. “The Copy Center was supposed to be a self supporting unit which over the years was not producing enough revenue to sustain the operation. In light of declining business, the library made the decision to close the walk up center,” Barrow wrote.

I can’t blame the school for closing the copy center if it was losing money. We’re dirt poor, after all. But while MSB students enjoy their subsidized printing and copying and the rest of us pay more at Kinko’s, consider which campus program deserves elimination more: one that serves a wide variety of students, or one that went 28-7 against Lafayette? [Ed. note: For a more sympathetic take on our football team, check out this week’s Sports Sermon.]

-Will Sommer, blog editor and football underappreciator

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