No room for two at GU

Dorm room beds are too small, reports the Washington Post. But don’t hold your breath waiting for Georgetown’s administrators to follow AU’s lead and start equipping campus housing with double beds — our impenetrable housing bureaucracy, combined with the official party line prohibiting cohabitation will keep you in the cramped cot until graduation (or at least until you move off-campus).

-Anna Bank, editorial board chair

2 Comments on “No room for two at GU

  1. Look, I was a young college student living on campus as well. Trust me, if two students want to make out in a single bed, they will – it could be a footstool and they will still find a way. However, right now its important to be studying and getting ready for your life, not making “whoopie”, having a child on the way or risking an STD is not a good experence while in college – especially if your parents are footing the bill. But, if you’re bound and determined, single beds will work fine, as long as you remember not to roll over – or as we were unofficially told by the college, get yourself a “double-wide” sleeping bag, and do it in the cemetary! Eventually, we all end up there anyway!-)

    – Andrew @ MALL727net –

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