This Week’s Magazine

Late but never out of date, it’s your weekly issue round-up.

– The feature sends Sam Sweeney and Clare Malone out to find Georgetown’s quirkiest professor’s—can you say “Beer me that Wordsworth?”

– Relentless reporters Juliana Brint and Crystal Chung continue to explore Metro’s party watchlist and new arrest policy; who knew it was unconstitutional? The ACLU.

– Phil Perry, the original man vs. wild, plunges into Georgetown’s weekly tail gate to hang out with an old lady. Hi-jinks ensue.

– “Our Moment” boardmembers make the case for giving students in the college a chance to get a certificate in international development.

– The Eds page still wants more transparency from the powers that be as they remake the alcohol policy, and they aren’t having any of Petraeus’ bullshit about the Iraq war.

– I’d like you to have some decent wine. Is that so bad?

– Tim Fernholz, Editor in Chief

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