Canoe v. rowboat fight heads to Congress

Canoe club

Georgetown’s crew team might be getting help in its long-running battle for a boathouse on the Potomac from the longest serving member of Congress. City Paper writer Mike DeBonis (Voice alum, natch) says Representative John Dingell of Michigan’s investigation into the Washington Canoe Club, a boathouse opponent, is making some people suspect Georgetown’s involved.

Dingell, who got both a bachelor’s and a law degree from Georgetown, sent the Canoe Club a letter accusing it of being a private club on federal land. Four other clubs on federal land have higher membership fees, though, and have not been contacted by Dingell.

It’s unclear whether Dingell is trying to knock out a boathouse opponent or is really dedicated to universal canoe access. What is clear, though, is that the Canoe Club is pretty dingy on the outside. Maybe the interior is palatial, but these pictures say more “unloved campsite” than “hall of privilege.”

-Will Sommer, blog editor

2 Comments on “Canoe v. rowboat fight heads to Congress

  1. JOHN Dingell is the longest serving member in congress and a two-time Georgetown alum. Perhaps you should consider…I don’t know…getting his first name right on your blog.

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