Yet another hanging-chad-filled GUSA election

Was anyone surprised to discover that, once again, our esteemed student government experienced electoral technical difficulties last night?

“Due to unforeseen technical problems, the GUSA Senate online voting system was not functioning last night. The site is now back up and voting is live. In the wake of the outage, voting is extended until Wednesday, September 26 at 9 PM.”

I’m not sure if GUSA, UIS, or the Election Commission is at fault here, but it doesn’t really matter. Voter turnout — and for that matter, candidate turnout (my “district” was uncontested) — is low enough already, and every botched election turns a few more people off of the campus democratic process. GUSA made a big play to be taken seriously last year with their successful anti-keg ban advocacy, but if they hope to be a respected organization, these election glitches need to stop.

-Anna Bank, Editorial Board Chair

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