Leo’s, why hast thou forsaken us?

There’s nothing worse than feeling hungry only an hour after eating at Leo’s. All that foraging through mounds of catfish nuggets, dry rice, and over-seasoned zucchini to find something edible was for naught, apparently. Occasionally, when I’m leaving Leo’s and I’m a little short of my calorie quota (that’s copyrighted, by the way), I save myself by grabbing a delicious, calorie-heavy, standby on the way out: the milkshake.

Such was the case Saturday as I took a break from the homecoming game to grab lunch. But when I went to get my milkshake on the way out, there were no take-away cups, plastic or styrofoam, to take the milkshake out of Leo’s. I stood awkwardly by the salad bar, downed half my milkshake, and left, dejected and not a little pissed off.

A phone call to Director of Dining Services Andrelino Cardoso later and my worst suspicions had been confirmed: the take-away milkshake cups are gone for good, gone the way of the two-keg party and beer pong table. Well, maybe not for good, but “while they’re harmful to the environment,” in Cardoso’s words, meaning that until scientists discover that disposable milkshake cups are the key to curbing global warming and bringing back the dodo, we’re out of luck. The changes came about largely through the efforts of EcoAction, Cardoso said, a student group I’m normally partial to.

In this instance, however, a line has been crossed. I’m as environmentally conscious as the next liberal guy, but the damage I’m doing to the environment by consuming milkshakes in throw-away cups is hardly keeping me up at night. Maybe there’s some middle ground we can find—edible cups made of organic styrofoam, perhaps, or a milkshake funnel? Or maybe Aramark (and EcoAction) can come to their senses and realize that plastic cups aren’t a BFD.

-Sam Sweeney, senior writer

2 Comments on “Leo’s, why hast thou forsaken us?

  1. yeah, and i love how the styrofoam cups for ice cream remain, i guess they somehow fall in to a less environmentally hazardous category

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