Voxtrot, the Little Ones at the Black Cat

Fresh off a tour with the Arctic Monkeys, indie darling Voxtrot rocked out at the Black Cat Saturday night, along with the L.A.-based quintet the Little Ones. Even though frontman Ramesh Srivastava was feeling a bit under the weather, Voxtrot still managed to put on a solid show, which opened, appropriately I thought, with “Introduction” from their self-titled LP. They also hit upon the highlights of their EPs, including “Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives,” “Your Biggest Fan” and my personal favorite “The Start of Something.”

I had heard about the Little Ones’ “Uncle Lee’s Rule of Feet,” which dictates that they only play songs that make their feet shuffle, but didn’t fully get what it meant until Saturday night. The Little Ones’ show supported their reputation as an infectious pop band with no shortage of danceable beats or catchy hooks.

Check out photos of both bands below.

The Little Ones

More photos after the jump.


The Little Ones

These photos in larger sizes, as well as a few more, are viewable on the Voice’s Flickr page.

– Sam Sweeney, Senior Writer

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