Tell your GUSA senators your dreams and fears

The Student Association’s senatorial election is finished, despite hiccups. Here are the winning senators and their emails. Take look at my column on the senate’s new action committees, then contact your representatives and tell them what you think GUSA should work on.

Harbin 2-4: Matt Wagner
Harbin 5-7: Michael Lonie
Harbin 8-9 Michelle Lee

New South 1-2 Kiran Gandhi
New South 3-4 Jeff Long

Village C West, X-Wing: Joe Hill
Village C West, Y-Wing Andrew Butler

Darnall 1-3 Ridge Blanchard
Darnall 4-6 Armond Esmaili

Copley G-3 Patrick Harrington
Copley 4-5 Reggie Greer

LXR G-2 Danielle Valle-Fitzgerald
LXR 3-5 Sebastian Johnson

Kennedy 2-5 Brian Kesten
Kennedy 6-8 Charlotte Guy

McCarthy 2-5 Eric Flanagan
McCarthy 6-8 Kevin Boyd
Reynolds Brian Wood

VCE 1-5 Nick Briody
VCE 6-10 Alberto Camacho

Henle 1-21 Cassie Virgin
Henle 22-30 Lauren Kiefer
Henle 31-60 Angelo Cisneros
Henle 61-96 George Roche

Village A AB Mirco Haag
Village A CDE Taylor Price
Village A FGH Lin Yang
Village B 1-45 Alexandra Dimodica
Village B 46-90 Michael Fashinpaur

Nevils Alex Orona

Townhouses 36th & 37th Matt Stoller
Townhouses N, O & Prospect Joe Curran

Off-Campus Zack Bluestone
Off-Campus Russell Joye
Off-Campus Marion-Vincent Mempin
Off-Campus Eden Schiffman
Off-Campus Senators serve at-large

-Dylan Richmond, staff writer

2 Comments on “Tell your GUSA senators your dreams and fears

  1. Great resource, Dylan, thanks for including it. Elections for the Senate’s new officers are tonight and should be fruitful to getting the Senate up, running and getting things accomplished.

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