I think GUSA’s all right, but … where are the free newspapers?

When Ben Shaw and Matt Appenfeller ran for president and vice-president of GUSA, their promise of free newspapers melted my heart. When I visited Holy Cross in high school, their stacks of New York Times and Washington Post newspapers were the most appealing thing about the college (that, and its football prowess). If GUSA could get us free newspapers, my regrets about not going to Holy Cross would be soothed.

The free newspaper idea is great for college students. We’re too busy to read every day, so a subscription would be a waste. But we also want to know things! Put a bunch of Posts inside Leo’s next to the college newspapers and watch the stigma of eating alone at Leo’s evaporate.
Students at George Washington University had their newspapers taken away last semester, but their student body president got them back this semester. What’s taking so long?

While you wait for Shaw to come through with his campaign promise, I recommend stealing neglected copies of the Post from outside dorm rooms. Freshmen dorms are the best. My theory is that freshman parents fill out subscription cards when they’re passed out at New Student Orientation, but their offspring are too busy or disinterested to bother picking them up. Confidential to our Burleith readers: the entrance to Darnall usually has a bunch of newspapers right between your home and your classes.

-Will Sommer, blog editor

3 Comments on “I think GUSA’s all right, but … where are the free newspapers?

  1. Just working out the final details of the locations where the papers are going to go. Will be up by next semester.

    I’d suggest you talk to Ben & Matt directly, they probably could’ve provided the same information and more to report to your readers.

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