You’re not too cool for Coolio

Some people have been acting like they’re not excited about seeing Coolio for free tonight on Harbin Field. Even the What’s After Dark e-mail is taking hospitality cues from Lee Bollinger: “Bear witness to the proud living legacy of one of the greatest visionaries of our time: COOLIO. That’s right. That wasn’t a misprint. It’s not a hoax.”

For those of you who think Coolio’s a has-been, here’s how Coolio’s been keeping busy since “Gangsta’s Paradise” (from Wikipedia, naturally):

  • Coolio has been on Celebrity Fear Factor and made it to the third round
  • Coolio played a “space age stoner” in Dracula 3000, a made-for-tv movie that has only negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • He was in a Croatian movie!
  • The last three albums he’s released have all gone gold.

Still, staying on the field after “Gangsta’s Paradise” is socially impermissible.

-Will Sommer, blog editor. Flickr photo from judge-penitent.

2 Comments on “You’re not too cool for Coolio

  1. coolio needs to tour the world again, come to AUSTRALIA. we still bang him over here.

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