Things not to be done in public: #57

One entry in Georgetown Washington University’s crime log this week, via the GW Hatchet, stood out.

Lewd Obscene Acts

10/15/07 – Marvin Center – 8:35 p.m. – case closed

UPD officers responded to an anonymous tip about a male individual who appeared to be masturbating. Officers approached the student, who claimed he was merely talking on his cell phone. He was cautioned about having his hands down his pants in public and was told to leave the area.

Could “talking on my cellphone” be to GW students what a “wide stance” is to U.S. Senators? I guess even though a $50,000 tuition pays for a lot of things, chilling in public with your hand down your pants isn’t one of them.

Sam Sweeney, Senior Writer

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