Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch, Margie

When Georgetown environmental group EcoAction sent out an email Wednesday asking people on their email list to steal apples from Leo’s for a booth at the UNICEF carnival, it must’ve seemed harmless. Who hasn’t taken cookies home for later, or brought Tupperware in a backpack for larger-scale larceny? Two people EcoAction CC’d disagreed–an Aramark representative and Margie Bryant, Vice President of Auxiliary Services, the department in charge of Leo’s. Internet drama ensued!

Margie hit “reply all” and ripped EcoAction, saying they weren’t making friends in the administration (does this mean no more LCD screens?).

Tripti Bhattacharya (SFS ’10), EcoAction’s president, said it was “just a misunderstanding.” But the emails make clear that neither Bryant or EcoAction are confused about their positions (anti- and pro-apple theft, respectively). When I mentioned to Bhattacharya that I had seen the emails, she just said “Oh” and there was a long pause. Bryant didn’t respond in time for this post.

In the end EcoAction got the apples from Georgetown’s other fruit monger, Mission Three, and the UNICEF booth was saved. But will EcoAction ever get to hawk their environment petitions in Leo’s again?
Emails and commentary after the jump.

EcoAction reminds its members about the big heist:

Hey Everyone! An email was sent out earlier today asking everyone to steal at least 5 apples from leo’s this week (They will be used for our apple-bobbing booth at the UNICEF carnival this friday night) Please drop off the apples in Copley 203 by noon on Friday. My roommate is coordinating the carnival, and we’ve already started a box. Thanks for your help! Clara :)

That emoticon looks like foreshadowing now. Bryant responds:

Dear Eco-Action Committee, I was appalled to see this message which seems to have been condoned by the Eco-Action Committee. Any message that encourages theft also encourages a violation of the University Honor System and should not be promoted by any student group. This is not how you gain support within the Administration. Margie

The University Honor System sure is an oft-wielded tool, isn’t it? Stealing from Leo’s is a violation, and supposedly so is voting multiple times in GUSA elections. EcoAction tries to salvage things:

This is a bad setback to us all, but it can be overcome. We spoke laughingly of eco-terrorism at the last meeting, but let’s not accidentally stumble into our own version of it. In an effort to keep things above-board, I’d like to suggest that we work with Mission Three in future to meet our needs, thereby benefiting them, local farmers, and ourselves. I have removed the Aramark dining hall representatives and Margie Bryant, the Vice President of Auxiliary Services, from this email’s to-list. Let’s figure out how to handle this, then talk to them further to work this out.


-Will Sommer, blog editor

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