PETA praises Georgetown’s vegetarian options

Georgetown got a middling rating on environmental sustainability, but at least we’re doing one thing right: cafeteria food? PETA has added Georgetown to its list of the most vegetarian friendly colleges. The school’s also been entered in the voting to decide the most vegetarian friendly college of them all. And it’s all because of those sinister tofu cubes:

Some smart dishes featured on campus include vegan wild-mushroom and barley ragout, tofu stir-fry with orange-ginger sauce, and vegan rosemary polenta with broccoli rabe.

To be sure, the seasoned fries are delicious. But how many of those can you eat before you back gain the weight you became a vegetarian to lose?

Via Degenerate and Collegiate, who writes for the Voice and is less thrilled about Leo’s than PETA is.
-Will Sommer, blog editor

6 Comments on “PETA praises Georgetown’s vegetarian options

  1. no shoutouts to the vegan potstickers? the only dish at leo’s that ever made my mouth water…. they didn’t get rid of them, did they?

  2. getting praise from PETA makes me hate leo’s even more.

  3. i think they did get rid of the potstickers, at least i haven’t seen any this year…its so frustrating aramark feels their claim of better veggie dishes has been confirmed, they just keep recycling the same bland stuff and putting a lot of puffy pr around it

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