GW freshman drew swastikas on her door

The case of six swastikas drawn on a George Washington freshman’s door may have a culprit—the freshman herself. The GW Hatchet is reporting that GW police are blaming Sarah Marshak for the swastikas.

Marshak was caught drawing the swastikas by a camera set up in her hallway. Things aren’t going to go well for her now, it seems. The Hatchet reports she’ll probably be expelled. The FBI got involved in her case when they thought it was real, and they won’t be pleased. She says she only drew a few of the swastikas and was just trying to make GW pay attention to the first real swastika she says was drawn on her door.

Marshak was a reporter for the Hatchet, which you’ll notice they don’t mention in the latest article now that she’s disgraced. I guess they enjoyed the easy access to a hate crime victim as long as she was reputable.
Also, why are swastikas the fake hate crime of choice for attention-seekers?

-Will Sommer, blog editor

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  1. There’s no harm in modeling yourself after Morton Downey, Jr., I’d say.

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