The Supreme Court reads the Voice … maybe.

The Supreme Court announced today that it will consider a challenge to Washington, D.C.’s strict gun ban laws, marking the first time the Court will consider the basic meaning of the 2nd Amendment. We’re glad the court took up the case, but we hope they follow the rest of the advice in our recent editorial on the subject, which urges the Justices to uphold the ban. Given the rightward lean of the court, it’s hard to say if the justices will agree with our interpretation, but as the Times notes, “court-watchers who try to predict outcomes in advance do so at their peril.” Right.

The Voice has covered the controversy since the get-go last spring and into this fall’s decision by Mayor Adrian Fenty to appeal the case. No doubt we’ll keep you posted on this issue; look for Voice reporters to be in the court for oral arguments in the case, expected this spring.

—Tim Fernholz, Editor in Chief

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