Flush’d with Wisdom

I’m all for reading material in the john, but the Dec. 5 issue of the Stall Seat Journal rubs me the wrong way. Far be it from me to criticize people selflessly performing a public service, and as much as I usually enjoy the SSJ, I’ve got some (hopefully) constructive criticism.

  1. The “Here’s what Hoyas are Saying about the SSJ!!” box has got to go. It contains responses from a survey about the SSJ like “The most unique publication on campus,” “Entertainment while you pee” and “It’s splendid and perfect.” While the SSJ undeniably entertains me while I pee, the SSJ’s splendor and perfection should be allowed to speak for itself.
  2. The SSJ can’t let go of their favorite statistic, that “97% of Hoyas, who choose to drink, eat a meal or snack beforehand.” The underlying implication here is that this is targeting the 3% of Hoyas who don’t eat before drinking. Don’t be a perfectionist, SSJ. Let that 3% learn for themselves—it’s called tough love.
  3. The 3 copies of the SSJ in the bathroom across from my room were crookedly taped with a single vertical piece of masking tape that goes from top to bottom, right over the actual content. Come on, now.

On the plus side, in the suggestions for stress management, someone changed the second “t” in “Try Meditation” to a “c.” (Full disclosure—that someone was me.)

Sam Sweeney, Blog Editor, Flickr photo by egg.

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