Tuscany Café Disappoints; I miss Chu’s

After an appropriate bereavement period for the late Chu’s Cafe, I decided to check out the new restaurant in the old Chu’s location, Tuscany Café. After waiting for half an hour for someone else’s food and having to haggle with the staff to get it switched — “No, miss, you ordered a veggie wrap” — my meatball sub was cold and the meatballs themselves were suspiciously stringy. Nothing could have measured up to an order of crispy beef with steamed dumplings, but Tuscany Café would have been a disappointment even without Chu’s legacy to live up to. If you’re looking for lunch or dinner on Prospect, stick to Booey’s or Bangkok.

Tuscany Café is located at 3261 Prospect Street. Their meatball sub costs $6.45 and is served with potato chips.

Anna Bank, Managing Editor

10 Comments on “Tuscany Café Disappoints; I miss Chu’s

  1. I ate at Tuscany cafe in georgetown (prospect street) twice so far. when it first opened my girlfrinds and I decided to check it out. I have to tell you, I was amazed of the quality of food. Both Quantity and Quality is amazing. the staff was very friend and helpful. the place was clean. the food prices are very affordable. they have variety of choices of food and drinks. I ordered a sub my first time and a pizza the second. my second time experience was also welcoming. I highly recommand the place for its friendly staff, affordable prices, and variety of food.

  2. My experience was similar to Anna’s, except i waited 5 HOURS for the right food to reach me. There was no denying that the food was wrong but the man on the phone practically yelled at me for asking them to fix it. “you’re not our only customers! you’ll get it in 40 min” “i don’t know if you’re in a bad mood or something but i’m just telling you the way things are” ok rudeness is really annoying but i can deal with it (even though i really shouldn’t have to) however what i can’t deal with is after waiting another hour and half having the owner admit to me that the food was never made and never sent. Again he sent out the food. Again we waited. finally 5 hours after original ordering time my boyfriend received his calzone…i still never got the chicken for my salad….

  3. I just ate at Tuscany Cafe for the first time and it certainly won’t be the last. I ordered the pesto turkey sandwich. it was absolutely delicious. the prices were very reasonable and the service was fast.

  4. But wasn’t the 5 hour wait awful, Chris? I liked the pizza I got there–slightly more expensive that Philly’s, but far superior and with a shorter line.

  5. I’m not sure where the negative comments are coming from, because I’ve always had a great experience with Tuscany. I stumbled across it randomly one time, and flipped out when I found out they served Halal food. For all of the Spring 08 semester, my floormates and I at least ordered Tuscany thrice a week, and once you become regular they’re really good about getting your food to you fast. The few times I’ve actually been to the little restaurant, the owner has been really sweet (it’s a family-run thing, his brother works there too and there’s always a really cute little kid hanging out who’s the owner’s nephew), and I’ve ended up having conversations with him about soccer and Zidane and stuff. Anyway I am a huge Tuscany’s fan, I adore the place, and it’s sad that some of you’ve had a bad experience with it, but give it a shot!

    PS: I can’t live without their steak-and-cheese sandwich, and one of my floormates is obsessed with their Tiramisu.

  6. Glad you had an awesome time there, Hijab. That’s neat that they serve halal. I liked it when I went, too, and I’ll probably write a more positive counter-review soon.

  7. Looks like I’m in the minority on this one. I should probably give the place another chance.

  8. I have eaten there three times, twice in the store and once I ordered to go. Each time the food was great, prepared the way it was ordered and served fairly quickly. I love the calzone… which is saying alot… bc I come from Richmond where the pizza (and for that matter everything else) is far better than here.

    I def. recommend you give it a try.


  9. I miss Mr. and Mrs. Chu–their dumplings were the best. I had a slice of Tuscany’s pizza combo for lunch the other day. The help behind the counter was nice enough but the pizza was not as great as pizza factory’s and it was very greasy–it took forever for my friend to get her calzone. Kind of hard to believe that it’s true Tuscany food.

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