Greed, stupidity, Hoya tickets on Craigslist

Trying to gain some faith in your Georgetown peers? Well then don’t search for “Georgetown Student Section” on Craigslist. First, from January 5:

2 tickets available for Section 118 (student section) for Gtown vs. Uconn on Saturday January 12 2pm at the Verizon Center. Tickets are $175 each – cash only, can meet up sometime during the week to exchange. Please include contact information (specifically a phone number) in your response. Go Hoyas!

And January 6:

3 Tickets available for Georgetown – UConn game on Saturday January 12 at 2pm in the Verizon Center in section 118 — great seats!

Cash only – $150 each, willing to break up the tickets if necessary.

Lastly January 8:

3 Tickets in section 118, $100 each. Email contact info; cash only.

Our poster neglected to note that a GoCard is needed for admittance to the student section. However, I’d like to think it was generosity and a keen understanding of supply and demand which motivated the poster to lower the price of the UConn tickets from nearly two times the cost of season tickets to a mere one times the cost. What a scam.
—Sam Sweeney, Blog Editor

One Comment on “Greed, stupidity, Hoya tickets on Craigslist

  1. I don’t really see how this is a ‘scam’. Tickets are bought and re-sold at exorbitant prices all the time. If someone who has a ticket can’t make it to the game, why don’t they have a right to sell that ticket at a given price? Would they be far more generous if they simply gave the ticket to a friend, for sure, but others might see that as a foolish missed opportunity.

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