Lil’ Wayne to hold secret show in D.C. tomorrow

When indie bands come to D.C., they play at the 9:30 Club or the Black Cat. When big, mainstream acts like the Spice Girls or Hannah Montana come, they hit up the Verizon Center. But when the self-proclaimed Best Rapper Alive blazes into our nation’s capital, where does he go to spit his rhymes?

Well, that’s a bit of a secret. There’s confirmation that the show exists on Wale’s MySpace: “January, 15 2008 at Nike Boots @ a Secret Location with Lil Wayne and Wale, Washington DC 20002,” but there’s no mention of it in the “Tour” section of Lil Wayne’s website, nor almost anywhere else on the web.

Fortunately, Craigslist, as usual, has all the answers. One ticket seller writes that the show, featuring Weezy and Wale, is happening at the Ibiza Nightclub at 8 pm tomorrow night. And you don’t just need a ticket to get into the private show. You need these:

Dogtags. Oh, Lil’ Wayne. As if we didn’t already know you were the best.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user amy mckinlay.

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