Track Review: Deep Blue Sea by Daniel Rossen

These days, I tend to be less obsessive compulsive about “wearing in” great new songs. Some folks can still set trusty ol’ iTunes on repeat-track-ad-infinitum mode. Meanwhile, I now squirm anytime someone decides to play a song more than twice in a row. I don’t care if “Sexual Eruption” is catchy, Shira Hecht, knock it off.

There are always exceptions. For example, I’ve recently noticed that I maintain a soft spot for acoustic numbers about large bodies of water. Case in point: “Deep Blue Sea” by Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear, Department of Eagles). “Deep Blue Sea” is one of Rossen’s home recordings and allegedly evolved from an old British sea song.

Though less ambitious than the standouts of Yellow House (2006), “Deep Blue Sea” sustains a graceful balance between lo-fi intimacy and calculated overlays. Rossen’s guileless vocals emanate a ripe, hypnotic calm that melds perfectly with the spacious acoustics of his (cough) home. It’s not that “Deep Blue Sea” is better than Grizzly Bear’s more refined productions, the song simply lets its natural earnest do all the work. And by the time the whistling kicks in, man, we’re just gliding. Reveries abound!

“Deep Blue Sea” is available for enjoyment at

—Dan Cook

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One Comment on “Track Review: Deep Blue Sea by Daniel Rossen

  1. great, Dan, insult the best song of the past year. No, i won’t go to hype machine and listen to your deep blue something. You’ve made an enemy for life, Dan. SNOOP NEVER FORGIVES!

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