Walk-on Watch: Career Game Edition

This is the first edition of Walk-on Watch, the regular feature in which Vox Populi chronicles the endeavors of unsung Hoya walk-on Bryon Jansen.

Bryon Jansen, A government major with minors in economics and theology who serves on the College Academic Council, raised the stakes even higher last year when he walked on to one of the best basketball teams in the country. But by the time he into the game against St. John’s tonight, there wasn’t much work left to be done. The Hoyas were leading by 28 points, St. John’s was shooting a pitiful 21% and only 2:11 remained in the second half.

That didn’t hinder the six-foot six junior from Kent, Wa. Jansen squeezed in an offensive rebound and an unlikely 3-point field goal in the final two minutes for the highest scoring game of his career. Of course, that doesn’t mean Jansen got the credit he deserved. After he came down with the offensive rebound with 1:27 remaining on the clock, the announcer on ESPN mistook him for Nikita Mescheriakov, the Belarus native likely red-shirting this year, only to correct himself seconds later.

And before Jeremiah Rivers passed Jansen the ball with seconds left, the announcer had declared the Hoyas’ margin of victory to be 29. But then Jansen squared up outside the arc and let loose the first three-pointer of his college career to put the cherry on top of Georgetown’s 74-42 win, St. John’s worst Big East loss in school history.

Photo by Nicole Bush, Staff Photographer

3 Comments on “Walk-on Watch: Career Game Edition

  1. Of course Barker Davis in the Washington Times – usually the better of the Hoya beat reporters – mistook Byron for a freshman in his article today. The nerve!

  2. Whoops. A stupid mistake on my part. Thanks for catching that, Jake.

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