Looking for your fifteen minutes of fame?

Then look no further than Sellinger Lounge in the Leavey Center tonight from 7 pm to 1 am.  From the College Dems weekly e-mail:

This Super-Duper Tuesday will be a monumental event and the College Democrats and College Republicans will be celebrating and watching the returns in bipartisan fashion in Sellinger Lounge with FREE PIZZA and SODA.

And as a special treat, C-SPAN will be reporting all night LIVE from Leavey and interviewing College Democrats and College Republicans throughout the night!

Not a member of the College Dems or College Republicans?  No worries, just give yourself an important-sounding title (I’m pretty sure Strategic Initiatives Director is up for grabs), put on your nicest polo, and wait for your moment in the spotlight.  Move over, Anderson Cooper!

Not too savvy about the 2008 primaries?  That can be fixed too—just take a 30-second speech with the phrases “as a young person,”  “YouTube,” “clearly, the lesson from tonight’s results are,” and “what’s the deal with this Hillary character, anyway?“, add in a few thoughtful pauses and meaningful hand gestures, and C-SPAN’s producers will be besides themselves.

Then again, if you’re not huge on politics, you might want to save up your fifteen minutes of fame for a forum beyond C-SPAN.  This guy did.

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