McCain riding Roy’s coattails to victory?

If political pundits have taught us anything this primary cycle, it’s that we shouldn’t be listening to political pundits.  McCain, now the G.O.P. front-runner, was declared dead over the summer (his campaign, that is—he’s not that old), the press all but pronounced Hillary the Democratic nominee earlier this year, and the New Hampshire Democratic polls were about as wrong as wrong can be.

Fortunately, Mike Madden over at has found one indicator that has been consistently spot-on: our very own Georgetown Hoyas.

As it happens, the Hoyas have been a near-perfect predictor of McCain’s fortunes this year. The last time Georgetown lost a game was the night before the Michigan primary, when Pitt beat them 69-60; the next day, Romney beat McCain. The day of the South Carolina primary, where McCain narrowly beat Mike Huckabee to avenge his 2000 loss to George W. Bush, the Hoyas crushed Notre Dame.

Madden wrote this before the Hoyas played last night and before the primary results came in, so he had a little prediction.

So who do the Hoyas play tonight? Big East bottom-dwellers South Florida. Playing in D.C., the Bulls are probably bigger underdogs than Romney is (though his loss to Huckabee in West Virginia, orchestrated by McCain strategists at the last minute, doesn’t bode well for him). If they can pull off the upset, surely Romney can, too. But if the Hoyas hang on to win, as expected, McCain might do the same. Tipoff is at 7:30 p.m. Eastern — just in time for the polls to close.

Prescient, Mr. Madden.

The system will really be put to the test on Saturday though, when the Hoyas play at Louisville and Kansas, Louisiana, and Washington all have their primaries.  Given their recent romps of Marquette and Rutgers, I imagine that Louisville is going to put up quite a fight.  But rest easy, Senator McCain.  No one can stop Big Roy.

Via The Van Buren Boys

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