CBS greenlights Mike Birbiglia’s sitcom for the fall

Remember Mike Birbiglia, the sort of-funny Georgetown alum and stand-up comedian who performs every year at NSO? Well, according to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS, home of lots of sort of-funny things, has greenlighted his sitcom for the fall. Called Mike Birbiglia’s Secret Public Journal, it will be based on, yes, Mr. Big’s “secret public journal”, which is actually just the name of his blog. A quick perusal of recent entries finds it a bit lacking; on the other hand, the pitch for Seinfeld probably didn’t sound much better than “a stand-up comedian who lives with his girlfriend in Brooklyn and struggles in his efforts to be a grown up, have a relationship and do the right things.” Here’s hoping they change the name to just Birbiglia, as in: “Hey man, what’d you do last night?” “Oh, y’know, just stayed home and watched Birbiglia”.

Only time will tell whether this show will meet with success to rival the critical acclaim of fellow Georgetown alum Mitch Hurwitz’s Arrested Development, or if, also like Arrested Development, it will be a commercial failure. Or maybe even both.

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4 Comments on “CBS greenlights Mike Birbiglia’s sitcom for the fall

  1. I like the idea of just called it Birbiglia, but it’s better as a verb–“I’d love to make your wedding, but I’ve gotta Birbiglia bad”.

    Also, Seinfeld live-in girlfriend?

  2. Don’t give up, Voice. One day a tv exec will read your blog, find that it’s not “lacking,” and make Vox Populi into a sitcom too!

    Birbiglia’s Secret Public Journal is not just the name of his blog, but the frame inside which Birbiglia centers the bits in his act, which are drawn from events in his life and his analysis of them. It is also the title of his recent critically-acclaimed album and tour, I believe.

    I have to disagree that CBS has ever been home, at least in my memory, to anything funny at all to those under the age of 40, or at least anything funnier than your strange hyphenation in “sort of-funny.” Here’s hoping CBS doesn’t water down Birbiglia’s vision into cliche and hackiness.

  3. i just “perused” shira hect’s blog and found it strongly “lacking”

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