The Burrito War has officially begun


When the new Qdoba at M and 33rd began offering half-price entrées to Georgetown students on Mondays, I knew it was only a matter of time before the Chipotle down the street would be forced to respond. But week after week went by and as Qdoba got busier and busier each Monday, Chipotle seemed to be acting under the premise that if they ignored this little annoyance, it would go away.

Well, not anymore. According to the employee who answered the phone when I called Chipotle to confirm earlier this evening, Chipotle will be giving out free burritos to Georgetown students and faculty all day tomorrow. In other words, it is so on.

Far from merely firing a warning shot across Qdoba’s bow, Chipotle seems to be looking to reassert its dominance in a big way. I’m not sure how the Burrito War is going to end—if these promotions will die out once the two restaurants reach a state of equilibrium or if there really isn’t room for the two of them on M St.—but nothing but good can come from such cutthroat competition. With the ball squarely in Qdoba’s court, I can’t wait to find out what’s coming next. Until then, I’ll see you all at Chipotle tomorrow.

Update 3/21 2:52 pm:  Is there anything better than a free Chipotle burrito?  How about a free Chipotle burrito along with a $5 Qdoba gift card?  That’s right, Qdoba has stationed an employee handing out free gift cards on the corner of 33rd and M, presumably to deter people from making it further down the block to the competition.  He gave me a card as I was walking to Chipotle and a dirty look as I was walking back with my Chipotle bag.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user greefus groinks

12 Comments on “The Burrito War has officially begun

  1. That’s what the lady on the phone told me. It’s possible that she was just being a burrito-tease, but I’ve got my hopes up.

  2. Qdoba still wins in my book. Better flavors, greater variety of menu choices. Have you tried that queso? It’s addicting!!

  3. It isn’t true, they aren’t giving anything away for free.

  4. I’m not sure which Chipotle you went to, John, but the one I went to down on M St. is giving out free burritos like it’s their job (which, incidentally, it is).

  5. Even the guacamole was free! Maybe next week they’ll pay us to eat burritos.

  6. Qdoba has declared half price day on Wednesday too. Does anyone else love the guy in Qdoba who appears to be the manager? He asked me if I wanted a rum and coke.

  7. yeah that guy at qdoba is hilarious…what a bundle of energy

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