Georgetown Metro: sooner rather than later

An appealing spot waits, neglected.

There’s loose talk about Metro considering a subway stop in Georgetown. The typical reaction from Georgetown students is that neighbors afraid of rail-mounted criminals and homeless would block the stop just like they did last time–but ah, that never happened in the first place.

According to Metro history The Great Society Subway, nosy Advisory Neighborhood Commission types had nothing to do with it. Instead, Georgetown was rejected because it didn’t have enough jobs in the area and because of the difficulty of building across the Potomac. But we’ve got an entire university here, and Metro planners are considering an elevated rail over the river. With luck, the class of 2025 won’t have to worry about GUTS bus routes at all.

Update: Cary Silverman, the DC City Council candidate who woos me by not being Jack Evans, isn’t laughing at the Metro idea either. He also points out that in Kevin Costner’s No Way Out, Costner’s character escaped pursuers by hiding in the Georgetown Metro.

-Will Sommer, Blog Editor

Flickr photo from user Shawnblog

2 Comments on “Georgetown Metro: sooner rather than later

  1. This would be a great spot for a Metro station if only a few more lanes could be added for traffic to move about. I can’t imagine how much worse driving from Macarthur Blvd. into Georgetown could get, but I’m sure this would move the needle toward “a lot worse” instantly, if not sooner (construction).

  2. You make an excellent point–there’s already so much traffic around there. Plus, the gas station next to the lot sells such good Andy Capp fries, I wouldn’t want that service interrupted.

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