Georgetown divests from Sudan, STAND wins big

All hail the die-in. Georgetown finally decided being complicit in Darfur’s genocide wasn’t that great and divested from countries operating in Sudan. Staff writer John Cooke has the details:

Georgetown University, in response to lobbying by STAND, a Georgetown group advocating against the current genocide in Sudan, has decided to divest itself from companies that do business with Sudan.

In a statement, the University stated it completed its divestment in coordination with the Sudan Divestment Taskforce. The group is dedicated to identifying businesses with questionable ties to the Sudanese government, singling out those companies whose revenue goes to the Sudanese government’s arming of militias in the ongoing genocide in Darfur.

In addition to divesting University funds from Sudan, the Administration will also advise its investment fund managers to divest their funds from Sudan, affecting more investments and having a deeper impact.

Reaction from STAND members has been positive.

“Georgetown’s divestment policy reflects a significant step in the divestment movement,” said Hailey Flynn, a STAND member. “It’s a reflection of the depth of which Georgetown values its moral code.”

I was on STAND’s divestment committee freshman year, before the Voice made me interested in more venal things. Good for STAND and the University.

-Story by John Cooke, Staff Writer. Frame story by Will Sommer, Blog Editor.

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