Vernon Macklin is transferring

Vernon, we hardly knew ye. From

Washington, D.C. – Georgetown University Men’s Basketball Head Coach John Thompson III announced today that sophomore forward Vernon Macklin (Portsmouth, Va./Hargrave Military Academy) is transferring to another (as yet unspecified) school.

“We appreciate the hard work he put in at Georgetown, both on and off the floor,” Thompson said. “We wish him the best in the future.”

What a run it’s been. From touted All-American recruit to athletic freshman project to struggling sophomore, and now this. I can’t say I blame Macklin (though Barker Davis over at the Times has a different perspective). Barring a summer miracle (cue: montage of Macklin practicing day and night, in the sweltering heat and pouring rain), Macklin would probably have taken a backseat to the Doctrine and Henry Sims (nickname ideas, anyone?) next year anyway.

Well, Vernon, it’s been real.

9 Comments on “Vernon Macklin is transferring

  1. i am so glad that vernon is leaving georgetown. i would have to say john thompson III, will feel the difference once his good players leave from georgetown. vernon, a all american on top of many others things and a high recuit to georgetown, should have never sat the bench for 2 years and not showcase his talent to be a backup player for roy, just to make roy look good with points on the board to make it to the nba….john thompson, coaching skills need to change from that princeton obfense and let them guys play ball…their styles and they would have a much better team and operation.. i feel sorry for those guys there. they are not happy we on the outside think…vernon, grad. on you move and may god bless you. you will do well at another school and get a chance to showcase your talent…don’t look at this as 2 years you lost. look at the learning experience you can take from it and use at another school…. again best move ever you made…


  3. nice to hear someone else speaking positive about vernon. he should not be recieving such hard and ugly words all across these gt opinion boards. i think it is wild and crazy. just because he has decided to leave to better his career and play the game he know his style why is he such a bad person. he is one of the nicest person you would want to meet. the hoyas fans out here need to grow up and be happy for him or those who have left in the past to go on to other schools where they are doing well today.

  4. vernon was a beast at ic norcom high school. i was his english teacher and knew that georgetown would not be a good place for him. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good luck, Vernon. Sharon, good to see Vern’s mom standing up for him. I’m sure he’s a nce guy, but if he doesn’t improve his free throws and mid range game, he won’t have a prayer of playing in the NBA.

  6. thi was a good move for him becasue he really didn fit in there offence well. He is a standout player if he get to show wat he can do. i palyed against him for two years and watched him play against the best so i know he got the talent.

  7. As a long time Hoya fan I was happy when Macklin signed but once I saw him play I knew he wouldn’t fit in the system. Now think about Macklin is not very skilled but very athletic and Florida is place where he can showcase that athleticism. He doesn’t have a go to post move (well if you want to count that sky hook go ahead). He can’t shoot, he doesn’t finish strong around the basket, he can’t shoot free throws, and he doesn’t pass well.

  8. Vernon is a solid player, much better than his tenure at Georgetown reveals. He will fly high with Billy Donovan’s Florida team. Good luck Vernon!

  9. No offense, but y’all are giving Macklin to much credit on his athleticism. While he is quick of his feet, and fairly explosvie, he was prolly the 3rd best athlete, maybe fourth on that Georgetown team. No one even came close o Patrick ewing Jr.’s athleticism on that team, and Dajuan Summers is a tad bit more explosive that Moacklin was. And IMO, I think chris Wright might be a better athlete that Macklin. Macklin should be a decent 3 or 4th option for the Gators next year, behind Nick Calathes, Alex Tyus, and their incoming freshmen sensation, Kenny Boyton. They only problem with Macklin is his is absolutely stupid (or has terrible luck) in picking a school. At Georgetown, Dajuan Summers, Roy Hibbert, and Patrick Ewing Jr. were all better big men then he. At Florida, Alex Tyus is defintely better, and their freshmen Kenny Kadji, and an incoming freshmen next year, Erik Murphy, are neck and neck, if not better than Macklin. But all-in-all, I wish the young man good luck, and I hope the future is birhgt for this man, who by all accounts, had a good head on his shoulders.

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